About Chango Lingo creative workshops in UK-based EFL schools

Our mission

We strive to deliver an increasing range of high-quality creative workshops and support to EFL summer school providers operating throughout England and Wales. 

Our aim is to provide reliable and creative solutions to our clients, whether a small family-run school, or a larger provider needing a range of workshops in multiple locations. 

By raising the standard of EFL summer school activities, we aim to enhance the experience of international students studying in the UK, helping our clients to run engaging programmes in an ever-competitive and evolving industry. 

efl specialists

We are TEFL-qualified and experienced teachers, who have been running workshops in EFL summer schools for nearly 10 years. In our team, we share many years of experience as Centre Managers, Activity Managers and Academic Managers. 

We understand that your students’ EFL learning does not stop in the classroom. Whether on excursion, in the canteen, or doing activities, there are opportunities for students to build on their language skills. That is why we work with an experienced DELTA-qualified consultant to help us bridge the gap between the activity and academic programmes. 

Our complimentary lesson plans for teachers are designed to supplement our workshops. For example, book our drumming workshop and receive “The Rhythm of English” - a lesson plan focussed on the pronunciation sub-skills of word stress, sentence stress, weak forms and connected speech. Furthermore, we also provide the relevant notes to enable the DOS to deliver these as professional development sessions with the academic staff.

Our workshops are designed to be inclusive, accessible and fun. We facilitate a safe environment for the students to express themselves freely and creatively in English. Whether vocalising a rhythm in a drumming workshop or creating a short drama piece, there are no ‘wrong answers’. Students are free to enjoy themselves without having to worry about mistakes. We know that when students are comfortable and relaxed, they are more likely to express themselves in the target language. 

When you book a Chango Lingo workshop, you don’t just get great activities run by professional artists and facilitators. You get an organisation that is rooted in the EFL industry and is focussed on engaging EFL learners in fun and creative ways. We seek to constantly improve our offering, and will be working with schools to pilot more exciting programmes in coming seasons.  

We look forward to working with your organisation this year and beyond in providing the very best experience for your international students.