About Chango Lingo creative workshops in UK-based EFL schools

Our mission

We strive to deliver an increasing range of high-quality creative workshops and support to EFL summer school providers operating throughout England and Wales. 

Our aim is to provide reliable and creative solutions to our clients, whether a small family-run school, or a larger provider needing a range of workshops in multiple locations. 

By raising the standard of EFL summer school activities, we aim to enhance the experience of international students studying in the UK, helping our clients to run engaging programmes in an ever-competitive and evolving industry. 

adam amer

Adam is a TEFL-qualified (BC accredited) and experienced teacher, with 9 years experience working in a summer school environment. Every summer, Adam manages the ChangoLingo facilitators in delivering around 250 high quality workshops throughout June, July and August.

Adam is also the lead music facilitator during the summer, delivering high quality workshops as well as providing training and support to the other ChangoLingo facilitators. Over the years, Adam has drummed with tens of thousands of international students. 

Adam Amer Samba drumming workshop in Oxford